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OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds hail from a popular strain that has served as the basis for many cannabis varieties developed on the American west coast. Though its actual origin is shrouded in mystery, OG Kush’s first cannabis seeds are thought to have been taken from Florida to California in the early 90s.


Bubba Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Purchased 91 times this week. Part of the OG Kush Family Bubba Kush is an indica-dominant strain that traces its lineage to the ever-popular and powerful OG Kush, which originated on the western coast of the United States. Growers Choice Bubba Kush feminized cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for patients hoping to grow their own medicine at home, with deeply relaxing results that kick insomnia to the curb and send anxiety running for the hills.


White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

One of the most famous and sought-after types of cannabis, White Widow feminized cannabis seeds have a long history of selective breeding, which eventually produced a strain high in THC and resin content. Possessing 26% THC, White Widow is a hard-hitter that delivers a host of medical and recreational benefits desired by marijuana newcomers and aficionados alike. Regardless of your experience, start slow with this strain, and gradually work your way up.


Blueberry Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Originating on the west coast, this blend of healing Blueberry and much-loved OG Kush delivers deeply calming, Indica-driven effects that can lift the most persistent insomnia and ease even the most severe pain. Blueberry Kush cannabis seeds from Growers Choice let you manage pain that previously kept you from sleep with an all-natural, low-side-effect alternative to pharmaceutical opioids and sleep aids.


Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

An indica dream, Purple Kush feminized cannabis seeds deliver a long-lasting, deeply calming sensation that will leave you relaxed, happy, and euphoric for hours.



Girl scout cookies has rapidly risen to become one of the most popular strains of the last few years. A particular favourite of west coast rappers and medical patients alike, she is an absolute must for any cannabis connoisseur



AK 47 Seeds is a very widely used hassle-free producing variety due to its remarkable attribute. Many different seed companies utilize AK 47 seeds for cross breeding. AK 47 Weed evolves at a medium height and it produces magnificent yields at a quick phase. Cannabis seeds for sale, find out more here. You have to be cautious when planting AK 47 strains near the neighbors as this has a rigorous intense smoke and smell. Its scent is vicious with quality citrus. AK 47 weed presents a potent, everlasting and amusing high. For patients who are struggling with pain relief, this is very splendid.



Lemon Skunk is a multi cup winning Indica dominant strain that is all about Flavour and Strength. It is strong with a high THC level (15-18%) and strong in terms of hardiness and resistant to most pests and disease that can affect marijuana plants. The taste is superb, refreshing, sharp citrus that is immediately apparent from early stages of flowering right through to the harvest and smoke.


Afghan Kush Feminized Seeds

Details This pure indica strain comes from the mountainous area of the Hindu Kush in Northern Afghanistan. It grows in the wild in the valleys of the Armu Darya River, close to the border with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It is very stable strain which is thought to be the result of successive crosses between wild Kush varieties. It has a powerful smell similar to the best Afghani hashish. It is also considered a good medicinal strain.



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Blue Dream feminized

Blue Dream Santa Cruz Medical 80% Sativa / 20% Indica Origins: D.J. Short’s Blueberry x Santa Cruz Haze Flowering: 45-55 days Potency – THC 17% Blue Dream originated in Northern California, where DJ Short’s Blueberry was crossed with a Haze (possibly Silver Haze) plant from the Santa Cruz area. The resulting strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that retains most of it’s Haze characteristics with the addition of the Blueberry genetics to add to the flavor and color of the buds.


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